Did You Know?

The Salvation Army is ranked in the Top 10 Non-Profits!

The Salvation Army ranks among the top 10 most trusted non-profit organizations in America, according to results of Harris Interactive’s EquiTrend annual brand equity poll.

The study measures more than 1,000 brands across 42 different categories, including 59 non-profit brands.

The Salvation Army emerged in the top 10 rankings in categories of:

  • Most Trusted (10)
  • Brand Equity (6)
  • To Which People are Most Likely to Give (5)

Read more HERE at The Salvation Army blog!

Why do we check ID?

The Salvation Army mission statement promises that we strive always to meet needs in Christ’s name “without discrimination.” That means we do not consider immigration status as a barrier to service.The only requirement for service at The Salvation Army is need.

This week, the Houston area media made it seem like The Salvation Army checks social security numbers for legal residency status before they’ll allow kids to sign up for Christmas help. Hogwash. Here’s the truth: click here to read the rest of the post.

Posted by Kathy Lovin at the Expect Change blog.

Did You Know?

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